Best New Comic Book Covers Today! 3/21/12.

Yay!  Its another new week of brand new comics!  I love comics and I love Wednesdays.  There are some gorgeous books coming out today.  Some have great covers and the others have great stories on the inside.  They are all worth your money and your attention.  Even if I don’t like a comic that doesn’t mean for a second that you wont.  Chances are you’ll love something I dislike.

Know what else I love?  Good comic book stores.  Whether its following Zeus Comics on Twitter and getting these comic pictures from their site.  Or maybe its Third Eye Comics constantly updating their blog and always having great suggestions for me (or my Dad).  Try these great stores, and if you have an awesome comic book store let me know about it.

Lets get this comic party started!


Amazing Spider-Man #682

Every single ASM cover lately has been an instant classic.  This truly gets across the idea that our Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man is the only hope that the world has.  I really need to get caught up on this run ASAP.

Blue Beetle #7

Blue Beetle is not a title I would usually feature on a great covers post.  But that’s not a typical Beetle cover.  Not even a usual pose for him either.  I love it because its so damn different for Jaime.

BPRD Hell on Earth Long Death #2

Is that a hell hound?  A dog?  What’s it eating?  Who died?  Why did I have to see this cover before going to bed?  Someone hold me!

Fables #115

How often do you see a black and white cover?  And not a sketch variant one either.  You never ever see this.  She looks so lost, so alone, so isolated.  This cover is going to be a bitch to find in mint condition too.  Get it to CGC right away.

Fathom #5 by Konat

Fathom #5 by Oum

I cant pick between these two covers.  The first one conveys speed better than any comic without Flash ever has.  You can see the froth from the water churning.  I may have motion sickness.  The second one begs you to ask what is going on in Aspen’s mind.  She sees or knows something you don’t and it drives you crazy.  There is nothing more exciting to obsess over than a woman with a secret.

Hack/Slash #14 by White

Dinosaurs with huge brains!  There are ideas and concepts in comic books that you will NEVER see anywhere else.  This is now one of them.  Huge brained dinosaurs.  Brilliant.

Heart #4

This feels like the end of an era.  Sure its only been four months.  But in those four months I feel I grew with Rooster (and Blair, Kevin, crank!).  Seeing him on his back, possibly defeated.  My heart (no pun) goes out to the man and I hope this image isn’t the last cover I see for Heart.

Hoax Hunters #0

High high hopes for this comic.  They’re already selling me with this fucked up cover.  You cant even explain this.  Go ahead and try without sounding like you’re mad.

Ragemoor #1

That is a castle.  A living, breathing and apparently eating castle.  How can you pass up such a concept?

Rebel Blood #1


And here is where we end our trip to fucked-up-ville.  This is more than an unused Animal Man cover.  This is a taste at some horror inside.  You know, I think I’ll go for that taste today.  Just a bite.  Maybe a little more.

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