Aspen Comics Homecoming Announcement.

Part of a series of announcements from WonderCon we at Team Hellions are excited to tell you all about Homecoming.  Check out the art and the information, then I’ll be back here to talk to you some more.


In August, from the legendary comic minds of Michael Turner, David Wohl and Scott Lobdell comes a new high school supernatural adventure series combining aliens with the always scare life of high school called Homecoming, featuring art by Emilio Laiso and Stefani Rennee.

Aliens and high school?!  Awesome.  Its not aliens invading a high school, nor are they hiding within one.  It really looks like the aliens are very obvious members of the student body.  High school is tough enough dealing with all of the human cliques.  Now they have to deal with aliens.  Aliens with their own totem poles of popularity.  Their own definitions of what is cool.  Seriously.  There must be alien teens that aren’t good at sports and like to play D and D.  Do they keep to themselves?  In a fight would they have the backs (or other) of their alien blood brethren or their fellow geeks?  It is one hell of a concept that I look forward to reading.

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