Best New Comic Book Covers Today! 3/28/12.

Its time once again to pick the best comic book covers for the week.  Not a whole lot of covers that grabbed me today but there are some great comics coming out.  Vertigo titles, Walking Dead, AVX just to name a few.  When you’re a comic book fan there is no such thing as an off week.

Today’s pictures come from Zeus Comics.  Nicest group of people around and I strongly suggest you follow them on Twitter, Facebook, or just go to the site often.  Fellow Hellions have also had fun at the Secret Headquarters, and Third Eye Comics this week.

Now.  Lets get this comic party started!


Alpha Girl #2

Thank granny goodness for this cover.  I read the first issue and really enjoyed it.  Unfortunately my mind wanders a lot and I totally forgot about the comic.  Not after this cover.  Horrific and humorous at the same time.  Possibly the first time I’ve ever written such a thing.

Atomic Robo Real Science Adventures #1

The cover alone says “real science adventures” and features not only a robot but dinosaurs as well.  This is all of the joy, fun and passion that comics used to be.  Atomic Robo shows in each issue, right from the cover, that they can be that kind of fun now too.

Daken Dark Wolverine #23

The older we comic book fans get the more we debate our place in the world.  Regrets, failures, or even deceptively “simple” questions like was I a good father.  Daken is far from my favorite comic.  But I will be reading it this week to see the family story this cover inspires.

Daredevil #10

Another art gallery worthy Daredevil cover.  Every issue tops the last, inside and out.  The colors on this cover are magic.  I want to show this cover to my family and yell out, “this! this is what comics can be and this is why I love them!”


So much bad stuff has happened to the Fantastic Four Family.  Its nice to see the Richards kids being kids again.  I mean kids in unstable molecule suits that are both equally able to destroy the universe while playing an overly technical version of chess.  Kids being kids!

Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #24

Its a cute cover at first.  Spidey hiding in plain sight from the much dumber Absorbing Man.  Then you see Spider-Man’s hands and it becomes a, dare I say it, marvelous cover.

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