Record Review: ‘awE naturalE’ by THEESatisfaction

The latest LP from THEESatisfaction entitled awE naturalE is one of the most eclectic, experimental, and stunning albums you will most likely listen to all year. A lot of the band’s influence can be culled from the past, and if you’ve seen the album cover, or other images of the two artists that front THEESatisfaction, Stasia “Stas” Iron and Catherine “Cat” Harris-White, you get the sense that they just stepped right out of the past. Or that their pictures were taken with Instagram, but that’s a premise I refuse to believe, and it’s a premise where the music will prove you wrong.

The best way to describe this music is by comparing it to a meal that was laced with MSG. By the end you’re so hungry for more that you will do just about anything -well mostly anything- you can to get more. Most of the songs here are relatively short, the longest clocking in at 3:46. At times, it does feel like it’s just enough to satisfy, but at others it feels more like a speed date where you really connected and wanted to get to know this person more, like right now, but sorry your time is up! Stupid analogy I know, but you can’t help but come away from this album with that feeling.

The first track, “Bitch,” feels like a poetry slam, supported by primal drumming and a basic bass riff. The lyrics evoke an emotion of anarchy in the most subtle of ways. The next track, “Earthseed,” has a very organic feel, coupled with the piano and basic drums; the track almost feels like an Arbor Day reject, advocating ideals that are fallen on deaf ears and broadcast through a megaphone. The albums first single, “QueenS,” steps right out of 70’s era Disco, puts on some modern clothes, and hits the town, garnering looks all over. It’s safe to say that a lot of the music on this LP is simple, but the splendor comes with how THEESatisfaction applies it’s simplicity.

The only negative criticism that this album should garner is that it’s too short; some of the songs could have been expanded and explored a little more, adding to the MSG factor. However, if you want one of this years best and most unique Hip-Hop/Rap albums, or albums in general, this is most definitely for you.

Album Rating: Buy It on CD or Vinyl

Listening Co-efficient: Active Listen

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