The Walking Dead and Playboy Origin of Michonne Review.


This weird amalgamation hit the stands this month and after much debate I went ahead and spent the money to read it.  In all honesty I haven’t bought a Playboy since WWE ended their relationship with the magazine.  Apparently there are lots of lapsed “readers” like myself and thus this stunt.

There really is no reason for Robert Kirkman to reveal the origin of a main character away from the pages of his usual domain.  Unless that is, Playboy is hurting for readers so bad they reached out to him.  While there is sure to be many comic book lovers who also buy Playboy every month, there is a far greater number that does not cross over.  So, hey, show off Michonne and try to gain new readers to the comic.  Maybe even new viewers for the TV show.  Or maybe Walking Dead fans will love this issue of Playboy.  Lets look at all these factors.

While flipping through the non Walking Dead parts of this issue of Playboy it becomes apparent why Playboy is failing.  This is the same magazine I had hidden in my bedroom as a teenager.  Same font, format, hell it could even be the same girls and cartoons and I wouldn’t know the difference.  For Pete’s sake there are at least two if not more pictures of Pamela Anderson!  Pam Anderson!  Its time to move on!

Side note, what in the hell is the point in having the rest of an article all the way in the back of the magazine?  Are they worried that people will see that an article is long and skip over the rest of the magazine?  All that you end up doing is causing the reader to skip anything good in the back because they assume its all the “continued from earlier” articles.

Speaking of continuing, this is meant to be a chapter in the continuing adventures of our friends from the Walking Dead.  Its six pages long and tells nothing.  Michonne showed up with her boyfriend and their friend.  Both zombies had their arms and their jaws hacked off.  We find out how that happened.  Surprise they got bit!

Also, Michonne’s signature weapons are nothing more than mail order catalog props some kid had hanging on his wall.  That’s it.  No history of martial arts.  No gift that has been passed down for generations.  Not a souvenir from a trip to the Orient.  Nope.  Her neighbor couldn’t fall asleep one night and was watching Highlander.  “Princes of the universe” hits and we all called that 1-800 number to have the catalog sent to our homes.  And thus our hero is formed.

Sounds like the real story is what happened from the end of this story up until Michonne’s debut within the Walking Dead.  Maybe next time Playboy needs a gimmick we’ll get the next part of this story.

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