Avengers vs. X-Men #1 Review.

Its the biggest event in comic books.  Even if you only read books from the back half of Previews, you are very much aware of this happening.  Stores opened at midnight.  Comic book fans are debating every angle of it.  And I sit here to guide you on this journey.  For I am Uatu….

Wrong balding guy.

From the onset, the title shows characters in conflict.  The rosters of both teams are listed.  Wolverine and Beast are torn between the two sides.  Namor is firmly on the side of the X-Men, with no regard to his on again off again allies.  Captain Britain, former leader of the mutant heavy team Excalibur, is most definitely on Team Avengers.  And this is just the get everyone caught up page!

It is a simple enough argument that sets these two sides at war.  The Phoenix Force is coming to Earth.  The Avengers see it as a threat to all life on the planet, and thus it needs to be stopped.  Cyclops, speaking on behalf of all the X-Men, sees it as a rebirth for all mutants.  In our current world, where every day people argue and fight due to the differences in their beliefs it is not a far leap to see two teams full of super powered beings squaring off against each other.

No opinions on either side are needed for this point.  So don’t bother.  Take the gay marriage debate.  Now give those two sides the powers of gods.  Alright, now tell them that it is possible if the “wrong” side wins the Earth will be destroyed.  Yeah.  Even if there is no real hate, even if people have been friends and teammates before, that will lead to massive fighting.  And here we are.

While I can see how this would happen that doesn’t mean it has to happen.  Captain America and Iron Man try to talk this out and come up with a plan.  While showing up at someone’s house for the first time and saying you’re taking their kid isn’t the smartest idea (I mean, at least bring a cake), it could have led to a compromise.  Wolverine, of all mutants, would have been more reasonable.  Professor Xavier would have at least sat down to talk.  He may have screwed the Avengers over, but he would have at least taken a meeting.  Even people who have committed horrible acts, like Emma Frost and Magneto, cant believe how stubborn Cyclops is being.  While Captain America’s actions aren’t perfect, they’re still better than Cyclops.

Predict it now:  Cyclops will be named super villain of the year by the end of this story.  Someone will die, it will be his fault, and he will not care.  As over blown as this event will be the first issue is exciting as hell.  AVX is at the top of my read pile now.  Go to store, buy it, read it before leaving the building.

If I’m to find any fault in this issue it is in small details.  One, this could just be a mistake but how can the SHIELD Hellicarrier be above Manhattan yet seen by the X-Men in California?  Either it projects an image of itself, or the letterer made a tiny but noticeable mistake.

Also, I do enjoy JR JR’s art and have for most of my comic reading life.  But once I see a problem it never goes away.  One being the fresh faced look of Captain America.  He shouldn’t look his 80 or so years old.  He should however seem experienced.  Seasoned.  Instead Cap comes across as a rookie.  Cyclops looks like an experienced leader, so Romita can convey it.

Also, who points with two fingers?!  Look at this panel:


One finger conveys anger and authority.  Two looks like he’s telling Cyclops to stay cool.

And you stay cool for two weeks until the next issue!  More comic book reviews ahead on Team Hellions!

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