GrayHaven Comics Open Submission Period.

Want to get into comics?  Check out this new from GrayHaven Comics!


It’s open submission time once again at GrayHaven Comics. The self-published anthology, now in its 3rd year, has given over 100 new writers and artists the chance to have their work published for the first time. In addition to offering talented newcomers opportunities, the pages of GrayHaven’s Gathering anthology has featured the work of pros such as Sterling Gates, Mike Lapinski, John Jackson Miller, Gail Simone and Len Wallace with more on the way.


Submission directions can be found at:


In 2011 after a series of successful Kickstarter campaigns the decision was made to increase The Gathering’s publishing frequency to 10 times a year and expand to other projects such as the ongoing Horror anthology Tales From the Abyss and the Young Reader line, Hey, Kids! Numerous one shots, limited series and OGNs are also in production.

Many of GrayHaven Comics publications are available through Comixpress but fans can also order all the books directly through the website, which features daily webcomics and other information at:


The newest Kickstart campaign is underway and has nearly tripled the original goal in just a mere ten days. Rewards for pledgers include copies of the books, subscriptions, a guaranteed spot in a book and professional critiques.  To get one of these rewards to just to support indie creators you can pledge here:


Copies of all current and in production issues are available for review and many of the creators are also available for interviews. Please send enquiries to Andrew at
-andrew goletz

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