Grim Leaper #1 Advanced Review.

From Image Comics, Kurtis Wiebe, Aluisio Santos:


Recently Team Hellions was one of the fortunate blogs allowed an advanced look at the new title from master scribe, Kurtis Wiebe.  The very simple premise is thus:  Man dies gruesome deaths and “leaps” into another body only to die again.  Repeat.

It is a deceptively simple concept.  As with all such ideas, there is so much more going on.  The book starts with our lead, Lou, attending his own funeral for the 13th time and the book gets crazier from there.  While every action Lou makes should make the reader hate him, it instead leads to sympathy.  Many people weigh their decisions based on what is “right” and what other people might think.  When the fear of repercussions is taken away by death, resurrection, and (thus far) no heaven then why not indulge the Id?

Whether Lou is hitting on women or undermining the sanctity of a dating show and its audience, he is doing whatever the hell he likes.  He has accepted his strange curse and indulges in the freedom it provides.  Why worry about actions that may result in your own death when you’re going to die soon anyways?  Lou is a bee in your soda can.  Sure he’s going to die as a result of his actions, but he will fuck things up while he’s here.

When the last act of the issue takes a turn, Grim Leaper wins over fans for the length of the series.  Now that we think of Lou one way, this new element changes everything.  There is now hope and promise… and just as suddenly death reminds us that it is still one of the main characters of the book.

For the sake of artist, Aluisio Santos, reread the book once you’re done.  There are touches within the pages that mean so much more once the whole story is out.  Hints abound in faces, backgrounds, within every panel.  We talk about it a lot on Team Hellions but truly there is no medium quite like comic books.  The words that Kurtis Wiebe writes, as wonderful as they are, wouldn’t be as good without Santos’s art.  Lines and angles, simple things in the background, are drawn with such a kinetic energy that every page has enough intensity to race your heart.  Even the way he draws smoke sent my head whirling.

Be sure to place this title front and center for all fans.  Women, men, the Walking Dead fans, and everyone who just enjoys a good tale.  (Maybe not the kids, but when they’re older for sure).

Grim Leaper is out May 30th and will be a four issue mini-series.


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