2CW Living on the Edge VII From the Fans.

Here is a collection of pictures and videos from the fans who attended both nights of 2CW’s Living on the Edge weekend.  If you want to see any action from the wrestling company voted #1 for 2012 head over to http://www.2cwwrestling.com/

Usually the Living on the Edge Watertown shows are built around a patriotic gimmick.  With a huge military base nearby it makes lots of sense.  The first Watertown show saw Mr USA Tony Atlas win a flag match. This weekend saw Sgt. Slaughter in Watertown and Hacksaw Jim Duggan in Rome.  Even their opponents were impressed.

The Insurgency arrived in 2CW.  Led by Bin Hamin, the talent saw Mohamad Ali Vaez and Khalil Gaspard take on either Slaughter or Duggan both of whom teamed up with Jason Wayne.  All three men were incredible talents and put on one hell of a show for the 2CW audience.  Sure, Wayne was over as soon as he showed up wearing a USMC shirt.  But Mohamad and Khalil were incredible talents as well.

Lets take a look at some of their work.  From Mohamad Ali Vaez’s Twitter account:

@Ali_Vaez and @KhalilGaspard in Rome, NY…Our defenses are impenetrable… #noroomfortheweak#princeofpersia#LTD


See the full Watertown match below:

Follow Mohamad Ali Vaez on Twitter at https://twitter.com/#!/Ali_Vaez

Follow Jason Wayne on Twitter at https://twitter.com/#!/ovwjasonwayne

Follow Khalil Gaspard  https://twitter.com/#!/KhalilGaspard

The next batch of pictures comes from Twitter user Paulie Diamond.  Follow Paulie at https://twitter.com/#!/PaulieDiamond and he is a member of #TeamFollowBack

2CW itself tweeted pictures last night.  Follow their page over at https://twitter.com/#!/2CW



Wow!  But that is far from everything there is to show you!


The 2CW Fancast https://twitter.com/#!/Fancast  has this image of the aftermatch from the bloody tables match in Watertown.

K-Pu$ha and K-Murda show what happens after All Money is Legal took on the Killer Steves in Rome.  Follow AMIL on Twitter at https://twitter.com/#!/DaHouseParty

From https://twitter.com/#!/realmackattack comes this pic labeled, Isys Bloody Isys

Finally from a Facebook user comes this great picture of Kevin Steen stealing the 2CW title and standing on top of the genitals of the rightful champion, Brodie Lee.

Onto the videos!

The next three are ones I took.  Be sure to head over to my YouTube page for more 2CW clips along with thoughts on wrestling, comics, and random humor.

Then we have videos from fans around the internets!




Again be sure to keep track of the number one independent wrestling company in the country at http://www.2cwwrestling.com/



  1. I’m glad you enjoyed my Isys, bloody Isys picture. Good compilation of stuff here, there’s a reason why 2CW is the #1 Independent promotion in the country.

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