Historectomy 32 Five Dead Wrestlers You DON’T Know About.

[audio http://timtime.podbean.com/mf/web/hh9uuz/Historectomy32FiveDeadWrestlersYouDONTKnowAbout.mp3]


A funny story about Andre the Giant from Bad News Allen in an interview before Allen’s death:



Sam Weller takes over his first show to cover five dead wrestlers you don’t know about. Oh sure, we could’ve covered the Macho Man’s, Kurt Henning’s, and May Young’s of the world, but instead we’re highlighting some brave men that need a fair shake at the spotlight…even if it’s posthumously. Ring the bell!

Also in this episode: We call out Marc “WTF” Maron on our show after a successful feud with Ira Glass of “This American Life” fame, how can YOU die of suspected homicide and suicide, Christian is on very personal terms with Dan “The Beast Severn…listen for more!, how to bravely refuse medical attention, Brusier Brody ripped himself from his mother’s womb, Hamlet and Professional Wrestling have more in common than you think, what England’s Coldstream Guard like to do in the morning, what was Hitler’s finishing move?, never refuse a kiss from Bad News Allen, Christian can never find Judo when he wants it, and Vince McMahon is Ra’s Al Ghul! SMOKE THIS!!!


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