The League has Spoken : Holy Grails and White Whales

Picture comes from Reis's Lair of the Dork Horde which is linked to below


This was another epic week for the League–I laughed, I cried, I read the posts again and again. This week’s topic asked what about your collecting holy grails and white whales, and the responses illustrate how a single little object can have a big impact on one’s life. I especially enjoyed reading about childhood adventures filled with excitement and loss, and I hope as a result of these posts, at least one of us League members will finally be able to track down his or her white whale…

  • TL at Flashlights are Something to Eat keeps educating us on the underground collecting circuit of Mister Rogers toys.
  • I seriously want to go over to the Sexy Geek’s House of Swag and play withhis toys.
  • Reis at the Lair of the Dork Horde had a list straight out of the childhood of any boy born in the 70′s. (I want them all!)
  • Ashley at Life with Fandom is on the lookout for an epic plastic playset.
  • Tommy at Top Hat Sasquatch joined the League this week and has two ambitious toy lines in his sights.
  • Jasonvorhee’s Blog also joined the League this week and Jason writes about his quest for some great 80′s toys.
  • As usual, Brian at Cool & Collected is on a quest for a giant gorilla.
  • Charles at Geek Show Ink is looking for some incredible original comic art.
  • Eric at Toyriffic is looking for Godzilla’s flying pal. 
  • Paxton at the Cavalcade of Awesome gets two bonus points for mentioning the Misfits of Science in his list of holy grails.
  • Lefty Limbo brought a tear to my eye with his tale of just missing his white whale.
  • Kevin at Team Hellions really likes books and magazines with scantily-clad oily men (and really, who doesn’t?).
  • Stacey at Pendragon’s Post is living the dream while looking for a Wonder Woman’s super foe.
  • Jason at I Fart Online is looking for some candy that comes in a big, mean, and green dispenser.
  • Brad at Sideshow Cinema is hoping to find a creepy Halloween mask at a yard sale (but only of it has dreadlocks).
  • Jeff at Siftin’ tells a great childhood tale–one that continues to this day with his quest for that one last action figure.

This week’s responses were too much fun. Someone needs to hold me in check or else I might have this as a recurring topic EVERY week!

Around the League

Some other things that caught my eye on League member sites this week…

  • Mike at the Sexy Geek’s House of Swag has been adding to his collection ofautographed memorabilia.
  • Reis has so many great toys, and I love these windup robots.
  • Ashley at Life with Fandom was sitting on the other side of the table at a recent toy show.
  • Listen to the latest Nerd Lunch podcast and hear the “Nerd Heritage” of fellow League members, Paxton and CT.
  • …and I found out what 500 board games looked like at a local consignment shop.

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