All New Pete’s Basement 4/17/12.

If there’s one thing Pete’s Basement likes, it’s talking about comic books. Hoo-eee, we sure do love us some talking about comic books. Yessir, you might even say that’s what we do here at Pete’s Basement, talking about comic books…
In this episode: Artifacts,Avengers Assemble,Avenging Spider-Man,Batman And Robin,Batwoman,Carnage USA,Cobra Command Cobra,Conan,Courtney Crumrin,Episode,Fanboys Vs. Zombies,Fantastic Four,Green Lantern,Hopeless Maine,Infestation 2,Journey Into Mystery,Lord of the Jungle,Mega Man,Mighty Thor,Northlanders,Saga,Saucer Country,Scarlet Spider,Secret,Suicide Squad,The New Avengers,The Spirit,The Theater,The Waking,Ultimate Comics X-Men,Valen The Outcast,Wolverine

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