New and Interesting DVDs Today! 4/17/12.

Every week we dig through hundreds of new releases to find the ones deemed worthy of your shelves.  They might be geeky, or fun, or violent, or heroic.  But they all deserve a place in your collection.

And oh hey, check that out.  Click on the pictures and it will take you to Amazon.  Then if you order it we’ll get a cut and it will make things that much easier for all of us.  You get a DVD, we get to run the site without going broke.  Its win/win!

The Amazing Bulk.

Horrible looking film.  Everything says its not filmed well, or acted, or written, or the CGI.  Everything is bad.  But just for the curiosity factor I need to find out what in the hell is going on here.


The Super Hero Squad Show:  The Infinity Gauntlet  Volume 3.

Don’t think for a moment that this is some silly kids show.  Super Hero Squad has shown more Marvel characters than any kids show should.  From Thanos all the way down to the Punisher.  This set deals with grand concepts of good and evil, and why people fight for either side.  Really a wonderful series.

Also, Beta Ray Bill!!!!


American Dad Volume Seven.

Alright, I know that there are plenty of people who aren’t big on anything from Seth MacFarlane.  You’re missing out.  While Family Guy is the focus, and Cleveland Show is the spin off of that, American Dad seems to be ignored and thus gets away with a lot more.  There have been jokes on this show I cant believe they get away with.  The first two episodes of this set kill off 100 characters who have previously appeared on the show.  That’s just the start!  Stan and Francine trying to keep up with a younger couple was great, with a few shocking scenes.  Flirting with Disaster may have been the most shocking episode of the season.  The revelation of Francine’s face will forever be in my mind.


Bob’s Burgers Season One.

If you’re not watching this show, you are seriously missing out.  The first couple episodes weren’t as good as the rest.  This is true.  And if you only saw those then gave up on the series I understand.  But once the show found its groove it became an all time great.  The current season is insanely good and usually ranks as our favorite cartoon show of the week.  This season was no slouch though.  The art show, the dance fighting, the bed and breakfast; there are so many funny episode in this series I cant wait to dive into it all over again.  If you like Archer or Home Movies there’s a good chance part of that love is the voice of H Jon Benjamin.  Thus you must also enjoy this series.

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