Reviewing ‘Bad Girls Don’t’ by Cathie Linz


Romance novels. Sure, I like them. When they are good. Or hot. Or good and hot. This novel forced eroticism down the reader’s throat without actually making it all that erotic.

Plot: This novel is technically the sequel to Good Girls Do. By the time I had read Good Girls Do, this novel had been out of print. It took me nearly five years to find a copy. This brings “bad girl” sister Skye to the forefront and her foundling relationship with straight-laced sheriff Nathan.

Characters: Sure, there are a lot of characters, but it is mostly about Skye and Nathan. Despite Linz trying her best to bring every character that crosses paths with these two into the plot and giving them a side story, and despite having interesting side characters, the story could have just been Skye and Nathan and not been any different. This is not a compliment in the least considering Skye was having sister issues through most of the book, is a single mother of a four-year-old (PLOT DEVICE), and has the sudden intrusion of a grandmother she never knew.

Oh, this novel was riddled with convoluted plot devices. The little girl inexplicably runs out into the street so that her life can be saved by Nathan. Skye only has a daughter so that Nathan can feel uncomfortable.

Then there are the conclusions to problems. Everything is resolved simply by one quick conversation. Everything comes blurting out because it needs to be said before the ending of the book, and the author was not clever enough to solve any of the problems without the very simply, “Well, we talked it out after this one conversation,” approach.

All of the plotlines Linz tried to introduce could make a soap opera. Bad girl seduces the sheriff. Good girl gets pregnant. Meddling Grandma comes around for suspicious reason. The nun has a mysterious past that results in her knowing how to escape handcuffs. Goth girl ends up dating a football player. Trailer Park Queen wants to work in real estate. Bad ass local vet. Sabotage! But almost as quickly as the plots are mentioned they are resolved. This was 313 pages of great ideas and poor execution.

Reasons to Read:

– You like simple romance novels

– The plots appeal

– You want an easy read

Reasons Not to Read:

– Nothing really deep

– Characters act out of character

– Does not matter if you have read book one to enjoy book two

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