Battle Beasts Return!

First it was a comic book teaser, but now it looks like an all out micro assault.

Actually first first off it was a toy line in the 1980s that was loosely connected to the Transformers.  Relive your youth with this classic commercial.

A year or so ago Diamond Select Toys announces that they have the rights to make new toys of these figures and will be incorporating them into their MiniMates line.

A teaser of such a figure was handed out as a give a way at the New York Toy Fair.  Just to tease and build interest.


There were four versions of this figure.  Three were handed out at conventions and then a red one which could be found in a MiniMates case, and thus the only one available for the general public to buy.


Now as if that’s not enough, it was recently announced that IDW will be publishing a brand new Battle Beasts comic book series.  Check out some of this great art.


MiniMates answers by teasing a new figure at C2E2

And all this is topped by TakaraTomy making all new versions of the toys in Japan.  These will be called Beast Fight, but they are obviously a continuation of the Battle Beasts line.


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