Reviewing ‘In Her Name: From Chaos Born’ by Michael R. Hicks


Despite the fact that Mr. Hicks says that you can go into this novel not having read any of the previous novels I have to sincerely disagree. Now, do you have to have read all of them? No. But I think having read In Her Name: Empire saved me from being completely confused. There are a lot of cultural references for the Kreela that if you have not read anything before might seem confusing, especially their almost brutal form of life in such an advanced race.

For me this hurt the book none at all. I’ve read something, I understood the culture, and therefore could foam at the mouth as I read further and further. Foaming in enjoyment. Okay, salivating.

The book mostly reads like a very well thought-out prequel. This is the first book in a new trilogy and it shows in an almost marvelous way. Instead of giving us a story and then writing about how it came to pass later, Hicks decides to give us how the story starts and then will move on from there.

To touch on the plot there is an evil queen, good warriors, good priests and acolytes, and a lot of mind-rape, another thing interesting about this society. In the end it comes down to protecting one child. There are a slew of characters, none who you get too much of a feel for other than Ayan-Dar, a bad-ass priest with one arm and an open attitude.

Excellently told to the point you may never guess this was written by an independent author if you did not already know, this story is captivating and keeps the interest of the reader from beginning to end. This is one of those novels that absolutely plot-driven as opposed to character driven. Here’s two things to know about me and my choices and why giving this 4-5 stars is amazing: I typically hate sci-fi, I typically prefer character-driven. While this is less sci-fi than Empire and more in the realm of fantasy, it still touches on it enough that normally I might have cringed. Instead, I’m celebrating, and thinking everyone who enjoys fantasy, sci-fi, or a well told story should read it.

Reasons to Read:

– Better blue aliens than Avatar

– Interesting culture

– Sci-fi/Fantasy fan

– You enjoy trilogies

– You enjoy good books

Reasons Not To Read:

– You can not enjoy a plot-driven novel

– You have not read a previous In Her Name novel

– You can not get in to sci-fi or fantasy on any level

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