Want to save a tag team’s jobs? General manager, John Laurinaitis, says that if Reks and Hawkins can get #SaveReksAndHawkins trending during Raw that they will be allowed to stay with the company.

Things to remember about trying to get hashtags to trend:

– Do not use more than one hashtag in a tweet. If you write a tweet that is ” #SaveReksAndHawkins #SaveReksAndHawkins #SaveReksAndHawkins ” it will refrain from counting the tweet at all. Also, if you hashtag ” #RawGM #SaveReksAndHawkins ” it will not count any of them towards trending.

– Tweets of this nature are best done all at once in a 15 minute block. This means it’s best to do it right at the start at 8 until 8:15, 9 until 9:15 Eastern, and again at 10 until 10:15 Eastern. If you do it sporadically for the three hours of Raw it will not count towards trending.

– Do not be vulgar in the tweet. Yup, your swearing can kill a hashtag trend.

– Do it for me. :)

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