The League has spoken: Prized Possessions.


There were some really amazing items hauled out of the closets this week as we discussed our prized possessions. This week’s topic asked what you would save if your house was about to have a starring role in John Cusack’s 2012, or a similar disaster.

  • Charles at Geek Show Ink saved an amazing piece of original art.
  • Bubba Shelby at Toyriffic hopped on his sweet ride and got out of town…
  • …and Lefty Limbo was right there with him, pedaling like he had E.T. in his basket.
  • Flywheels joined the League and goes into robot salvage mode.
  • Ashley at Life with Fandom is taking a little muscle with him.
  • Shawn at Branded in the 80′s is rescuing his childhood companion.
  • TL at Flashlights Are Something to Eat, finally explains the name of his site with his sentimental save.
  • Brian at Cool & Collected is scaling tall buildings with a gorilla in one fist and a spaceman in the other.
  • Fong at Haxbee joined the League and kicked things off with an epic save.
  • Jon at Double Dumbass on You has nothing to fear, because he’s bringing along his old pal, Jack.
  • As usual, Kevin at Team Hellions is kicking ass and taking names–er, autographs.
  • Jason Vorhees’ Blog is getting the old gang back together and getting out of Dodge.
  • Reis at the Lair of the Dorke Horde is grabbing his doll and jumping in the station wagon.
  • And Mike at the Sexy Geek’s House of Swag is grabbing the autograph of some guy named George Herman Ruth Jr.

So many great treasures!

Around the League

Some other things that caught my eye on League member sites this week…

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