Cool New DVDs for 4/24/12.

Apologies one and all.  It has been a crazy time here at Casa Hellions.  The day job changed up my hours, and we are planning a wedding.  I am still committed to bringing all of you numerous posts about geeky things though.

There are some new DVDs that came out on Tuesday and they are worth a spot on your shelf.  Click on the pictures and if you  order any of these discs a small portion of your order will go to the site.  Its all to pay for the domain and that domain is all for you.

Iron Man Anime

X-Men Anime

These Marvel anime inspired cartoons have been airing on the G4 channel.  They’re not quite the early 90s cartoon, nor Evolution but they are really fun.  Don’t expect it to be like classic Marvel or the movies.  Its something totally different but still really exciting to watch.  Oh, and the Iron Man one is good too.  I just couldn’t think of as much to compare it to.  I mean the old Iron Man cartoon had Force Works.  Force Works?!!!

The Story of Rock N Roll Comics

Rock N Roll Comics were unauthorized biographical comics about various musicians.  They were loved and hated by the artists they covered.  Numerous lawsuits took place and first amendment battles were fought.  Then the creator was savagely murdered.  Its an enthralling documentary about comics, music and legal history – plus a murder mystery.  It would be tough to find someone who can’t find something that interests them in this movie.

Thor at the Bus Stop

Yes, it sounds weird and like an Avengers rip off.  It is not.  It is an incredible indy movie of inter locking stories.  The iconic character of the Thunder God is just used as a tether for all the tales.  Quirky and original.  Marvel (pun intended) at something so unique and then add Mike and Jerry Thompson to your Facebook and Twitter feeds because you are going to want to know what they do next.


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