Kevin Hellions WWE Extreme Rules 2012 PPV Predictions.


Its another WWE pay per view and another round of predictions plus a contest from our own Solace Winter.  If you want to follow Solace directly head over to  and if you’re nice maybe she’ll even let you participate in the next round of predictions.

But here are mine!

Santino Marella vs. The Miz for the United States Championship

To air live on YouTube and thus the “dark match” still counts for this show’s picks.  The Miz struggled to get on the WrestleMania card.  He was last seen on Superstars.  Meanwhile Santino is crazy over and no one expected him to hold on to the US title this long.  Miz is going to get over confident, treat Santino as a joke and Santino will rally back.  He will however, lose the title to David Otunga soon.  Winner: Santino

Tie-Breaker 1: How many chair shots during the entire PPV!

The entire?!  Hmmm.   This question does not say “to the head”. So any shot to the body could count.  None in the US title, because its a regular match.  Daniels and Sheamus doesn’t work for it.  Big Show and Cody will probably have some goofy stip.  None in the Divas match.  I’ll say none in the Falls Count Anywhere match, because they’ll use lots of other random shit in the arena.  And really, Brock and Cena don’t need them.  So we’re down to Punk and Jericho.  Jericho will introduce the chair.  Punk will go crazy and hit Jericho so many times the fans will start to feel sorry for him.  Jericho will hit Punk 5 times.  Slow build up.  Punk will come back, hit Jericho a few times and then multiple times rapidly.  I’ll guess 19 total for this match and the PPV.  19.

Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena

Cena lost to the Rock.  He lost to Lord Tensai.  And now he faces this destructive force known as Brock Lesnar.  Its Brock’s first match back in WWE and he’s going to have to look good.  Plus he has to get built up to a title shot.  I think the story of 2012, and maybe going into 2013 is going to be a John Cena losing streak.  He will get beat down and then built back up.  Winner: Brock Lesnar.

Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan

2/3 Falls match.  Which almost always goes all three falls.  Assuming such, we need to figure both men will get pins but who will be the one to get the final one?  Daniel doesn’t need a title to get over any more.  In fact he’s more enjoyable without it.  But Sheamus still isn’t the star that WWE wants him to be.  He needs to get a few wins in a row to look like the new leader in WWE.  Winner: Sheamus.

Tie-Breaker 2: How many “yes” will come out of Bryan’s mouth on the way to the ring.

There is just no way to guess this at all.  Maybe if I wanted to bring up an arena blueprint and guess how many feet it is to the ring.  So lets just throw out a 27 for the hell of it.  27.

CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho

I think Jericho has to win this one so there’s somewhere to go.  If Punk beats him again, then Punk has no story and Jericho has no reason to move on.  I really think Chris Jericho has to win this match and the title just to justify this current WWE run.  Winner:  Chris Jericho.

Randy Orton vs. Kane

Ugh, I so don’t care.  This story is doing absolutely nothing for me, or for either wrestler.  What the hell is the stip?  Falls Count Anywhere.  My biggest hope is that its all over after this.  I know I shouldn’t assume future stories or where people are going, because wrestling doesn’t always make sense.  I’m going to guess Randy Orton.  Brock beats Cena and moves on to another person he wants to destroy.  That person will be Randy Orton, and thus he needs to win here and look strong going into that feud.  Winner:  Randy Orton.

Big Show vs. Cody Rhodes

Again, another feud going no where and helping neither man.  Big Show wins, and will probably just go and fight against Kane next.  Because that’s what you do with both guys when there’s nothing else to do with them.  Cody should get out of this story, and away from a title, to set up Money in the Bank.  I really think he’s a lock for winning one of those titles this year.


Added match:

WWE added Nikki Bella vs. Beth Phoenix late in the week.  I’ll predict that Beth is too injured to wrestle and Nikki says she’ll fight anyone.  Kharma comes back and wins the title in a squash.  Winner:  Kharma.

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