Top 4 of WWE’s FCW 4/22/12.

FCW is always full of great matches, so it’s always disappointing to see a squash match. But sometimes it’s the story, the visuals, that work for it.

4. Conor O’Brian and Kenneth Cameron

Squash match against Jiro. (Poor guy). Conor O’Brian is the star focus. I hate squash matches. Hate them! But I love the electricity and flow when Ascension steps out. Cameron and O’Brian pretty much personify the dark vampire-like feel in their movements, actions, and very presence. I get chills watching them, and for that they go on the list because I want to rewind the entrance over and over. I like Jiro, hate squash matches, but love this feeling.

3. Bray Wyatt

Pretty much another squash match between Bray Wyatt and Aiden English. However, Bray Wyatt, formerly Husky Harris, might have fallen into a character that I like for him. This whole southern boy with a crazy streak, burning up his daddy and looking like he’s from the swampy areas of Florida, oh yes, this is the character he was born to play.

2. Jason Jordan vs. Damien Sandow

This is Sandow’s “so long from FCW match” and in the fashion that FCW does, and not the other shows, Sandow loses to Jason Jordan. This is the best I’ve seen Jordan look in a match, to be honest, and this made me look forward to seeing more from him. It also shows off Sandow’s wrestling skills which still are to be seen on Smackdown, even though he’s already being called a Smackdown superstar. I’d be fine with that if he even lost a wrestling match. You aren’t officially on Smackdown or Raw or any other show to me until you wrestle.

1. Mike Dalton and CJ Parker vs. Jake Carter and Corey Graves

When Mike Dalton is the lesser in the match you know you have a good match, especially when I am a fan of Dalton. We also find out during this tag match that Carter is the son of Vader. Really? It doesn’t even look close, but there you go! Either way, the four of them put on a highly entertaining match and AW (Abraham Washington) does a great job of setting up the characters for Carter and Graves, which is apparently ladies-men. Bad boy ladies-men. Nice.

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