Cool New DVDs Coming Out Today 5/1/12.

Holy shit its May already!  I’m hopefully settling on future wedding details, there’s a birthday, Avengers is coming out and there is the hustle of getting the Hellions name out there.  Oh plus the day job.  However despite all of this I am committed to sharing some of the best new DVDs with you each and every week.

You can thank me by clicking on the pictures, which will take you right to Amazon.  If you order the DVD from there then a little bit comes back my way.  That little bit goes back to running this site and bringing you more and more posts every day.


I didn’t see the movie in theaters, but it stars the stunning Gina Carano.  Plus it was filmed nearby to many of my friends and family.  Everyone tells me that the movie was loads of fun and worth the time.  Looks to be worth the money as well.

Shazzan: The Complete Series

Its a complete series set for a Hanna Barbera cartoon starring a genie and two twins, a magic ring.  I think there might be a flying camel in there too.  In other words a ridiculous and crazy much needed addition to your DVD shelf.

Thunderstorm The Return of Thor.

The return of a bunch of shit is more like it.  “Based on the classic Golden Age comic book series from Fox Comics.”  Sadly, this is true and probably the only way they’re avoiding a massive copyright lawsuit from Marvel.  Thor from Fox Comics appeared way back in Weird Comics.  There was also a “Dynamite Thor” from the same publisher later on.  Neither of which look like this Batman/Iron Man hybrid who is a representation of Thor in name only.  This looks like such shit and yet because of that I really want it.


Transformers Japanese Collection: Super-God Masterforce

Definitely the coolest thing I’ve seen all week.  930 minutes of the Transformers you don’t know!  The last series of figures released in the original era were the Headmasters.  But the cartoon for those toys never reached America.  And this series is after that!  Sure, its for true Transformers fans.  But I’m not even that big a fan and I cant wait to watch this.

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