Best New Comic Book Covers Today! 5/2/12.

Its another week of some great comic books and another week of me pointing out some of my favorites to you.  If you want to buy some cool comic books I would suggest going to a cool comic book store in your area.  Chances are, that cool store in your area will also be celebrating Free Comic Book Day this Saturday.  And go see Avengers on Friday!  Its a great week!

Lets get this comic party started!


Action Comics #9

Yeah, its essentially Obama as President Superman in an alternate universe.  It doesn’t matter how you vote, you need this cover in your collection.  If only to re-sell it to the phonies who come into comic shops to speculate.  Mark it up!  Screw the speculators over!

Avengers vs. X-Men #3

A tribute to the Captain America annual cover, and a bad ass one at that.  Avengers vs X-Men is proving to be more fun than any of us snarky comic bloggers expected.

Bart Simpson’s Pal Milhouse #1

Yes.  Yes I think a comic book featuring Milhouse in a series of genre adventures sounds like one of the best ideas ever.  Only one of these ideas on the cover would be great?  All 4?!  Take my money!

Daredevil #12

So this is how Matt Murdock defines sexy.  Karen Page, Black Widow, Typhoid Mary, Black Cat.  Good track record.  Its a sexy yet incredibly clever cover.  Excellent work.


Dial H #1

Sure, part of me picking this cover could be because its by my fiance’s favorite writer.  But look at this!  Its scary and exciting.  Is this a hope or a horror?  I cant wait to read this book.  Its by a major publisher and yet still has an “anything can happen” feel.


Earth 2 #1

Speaking of anything can happen, its Earth 2!  Kill off characters, have crazy shit take place, turn good guys bad.  None of it matters.  Its Earth 2.  The redesigns, an exciting battle, and many things that are familiar and yet different.  Somehow I’m more excited for wave 2 of DC’s New 52 than I was for the original line up.


Hack Slash #15 (cover by Anders Eid)

Just absolutely stunning.  Its a poster, a metal record, a movie, a comic.  This one image could be anything you want it to be, and sell out across every medium.  Marilyn Manson has a new CD out.  If you didn’t know you would think that this is the cover of that album.  Which is a damn shame, because it will probably sell more copies than any comic this week and great covers like this need some more attention.

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