The Paranormal Post: First Hand Experience

First hand experience is something that the amateur paranormal enthusiast yearns for, often inspiring said individuals to search out such experiences. Some make a career out of it, while others a hobby, but one never stops learning. The other side of that coin is that one never forgets either. There will always be things that we can never unlearn, like tying your shoes or knowing how to cook your favorite dish. Critics may take what I have to say and turn it on it’s head; good luck to you, but I may remind that you don’t have to live with these memories. I do. Here is the story I thought I’d never tell.

The Early Years

As a child I had always been enamored with the paranormal. My main fix came from the television program Unsolved Mysteries. Hosted by Robert Stack (Creepiest guy ever!), my favorite portions of the program were the “unexplained” portions. Ghosts, ESP, aliens, you name it, I loved those segments. I may have ducked my head at a few moments, but I kept coming back to it, almost as an addiction. My secondary fix was the beloved Ghostbusters, particularly the animated series, which I still watch from time to time.

I can’t recall many experiences I had as a child, though, I’m sure I did have them. We’re all sensitive to what is around us, it’s when we lose that innocence that we lose our connection to that “other” side. I do remember one experience, when I was very little. It was Christmas Eve, and I had awoken around 10 P.M. or so, needing to use the bathroom. The apartment we lived in had a landing that led down some stairs and turned right towards the main exit. Many times that door would come ajar and our neighbor, Betty, would  be so kind and close it. As I was walking, I noticed the door was ajar and that it was beginning to close. As a child, your imagination may get the best of you at times, but to this day, I will swear that the door was closing on its own, ever so slowly until it clicked shut. After I had gone to the bathroom, I went back to bed, and shortly after that something entered my room. The only way I could describe it would be to tell you that the roaming gnome from Travelocity came into my room. To this day I doubt this experience as often as possible, but memories have a way of fucking with your head and causing you to relive experiences. Sad to say I have never seen this spirit since, nor did it interact with me, but that mere encounter has always left me intrigued (Fortean!).


During my teens, my paranormal enthusiasm never waned, but didn’t exactly bloom either. Every now and then a family member would bring up a paranormal experience they’d thought they’d had. We had moved to a house when I was around ten years old, and from day one you could tell that the house had a mystique to it. I’ve never seen anything in that house, but every now and then you would hear what would sound like the front door closing. I’ve never seen it, I’ve heard it, but the visual aspect is only one tiny element of something much larger. There was a time in my teens where I felt like I was being “bugged” by spirits. I remember laying in my bed at night feeling that people kept walking through the bed for whatever reason, and I could feel every bit of it. This passed in about a week, never to happen again.

Around the time I was 14, I saw what I guess you could say was a UFO, though most people would take that as full on alien; UFO has many meanings. May it have been? It’s always a possibility; all I can describe to you is what I saw, which looked look like a light in the sky, a light that would “flicker” if you will, like those tower lights you see at an airport or on a radio tower. Every two times it would flicker, it would appear in a different location; many times it was quite a distance away from where it had been. Shortly after this experience I developed a deep seated fear of “Grey Aliens” or at least their images. To this day I have no explanation for that failing, all I know is that it’s always there, thought I’ve never admitted it till now.

One of the few paranormal images that I truly trust. To this day, the Brown Lady image from Raynham Hall has never been disproven.

College and After

During this time period, which still spans today, I’ve had countless experiences, the greater amount in the last few years. I won’t relate all, but I will the ones that have had the most impact in my life.

In college, on my way home from a party, I was heading back to my friends dorm on the railroad tracks that ran nearby. All was well, until I felt like I was being watched nearby in the woods that ran parallel to the tracks. I looked to my left and saw a pair of yellow eyes starting at me in the distance. Yeah, you can pretty much guess that I booked it, and strangely enough, this stretch of track runs into a cemetery soon after. What those yellow eyes were I can’t be certain, but I know what many of you will think, and it’s always a possibility.

The first time I laid eyes on a ghost I nearly shit my pants, but it should feel that way. It was in the summer of 2008 and like a nerd, I was running home to grab my Dungeons and Dragons paraphernalia to go play a game at a friends house. On the way, I rounded the corner onto my street and noticed a man following. As paranoid as I am, I stopped to let him pass, and started starting a pair of dogs barking. Strangely enough, the man stopped as well and as I turned back he was staring right at me. It was then that I notice, I couldn’t make out his features, but I could tell that it was a male. I began to cross the street and as I was halfway, I turned to see that the man had vanished. I don’t know what happened to this man, I never saw him again, but I hope he got what he needed.

Before the previous event, I had one that rocked me even more. It began with an experience of clairaudience, which is basically a big ass word for hearing spirits. It was in June and my soon-to-be wife and I moved into our new apartment. One day, as I was waiting for her to come home, it was hot in our apartment and I decided to continue reading the book that I had started in the lobby. After approximately five minutes down there, I heard a whisper, though it sounded like it was coming from inside my head. I shrugged this off and my wife eventually came home.

That night a friend was staying over, more like a parasite, but kindness prevailed. At 3:30 A.M. I awoke to a large bang, not knowing what it was. I searched the apartment and it wasn’t until I reached the living room that I noticed the globe to the ceiling fan that hung just above the couch where my friend was sleeping, was in in the corner, in once piece, and had been “placed” in between the TV and a wood crate that we had in the living room. The space to get there wasn’t wide enough for the globe to fit through the front, but was neatly in between somehow. Some may say a spirit did it, but I believe it was an angel looking out for my friend.

Since I started working at my current place of employment, I have had numerous paranormal experiences. The first occurring at work one morning (around 4:45 A.M.) where I saw a man standing by a laundry cart I had just put down the hall. He had a grey shirt and black pants on. When I turned to get a second look, he was gone. A few days later, while dealing with the same laundry carts, I was going to retrieve them from the room that they’re locked in. I had been in the room for numerous seconds and was turning around to pull a cart out when I realized that the door was just hanging open. It should be noted that this door has metal plates screwed onto it, and normally slams shut within a second of opening. The door, after I had remained staring at it closed ever so slowly.

My strangest experiences occurred a few weeks later, and began with my second UFO sighting. Yeah, call me crazy, but while I was walking to work early one morning, I happened to look up in the sky and noted that it was a mostly cloudy day. I could see the moon and the stars at a couple of points, but there was this one star that kept evading the cloud cover, moving in front of it each time one came by. I noted this “star” until I showed up at work and decided to wait a while and watch it. A few seconds after this notion, it became really bright and looked like it was descending from the sky, at which point I decided it was time to go to work.

The second experience, which occurred a few weeks later, is one that still has me scratching my head. Truth be told, I don’t know exactly what I saw, but it certainly left it’s impact. In my early morning walk to work, in damn near the same place I first noticed the UFO, I saw on a lawn near by a short, bipedal, creature which ran when I came near. The easiest way to describe this creature is that it was similar to the Geico Gecko, only about three feet tall. To this day, I keep walking by the same lawn, expecting to see this being again.

This has been my therapy of sorts, the muse that tormented me to get itself on paper of sorts. These are the memories that I can’t un-live, un-remember, or stop obsessing about. As much as I wish these memories would be gone, they drive me in their own right. To discover a world out there greater than my understanding and to live in a world beyond my imagination. Thanks for knuckling through this, what will no doubt be, the greatest tragedy of my life.


  1. Rob, this is a real honest post.
    Also, really creepy. You totally should have warned me that I shouldn’t have read it in the dark, at night, on my own.

  2. This is super creepy. Especially the bit about the creature on the lawn. You’re braver than I am – I would avoid that lawn from now on!
    I never thought I’d had any paranormal experiences until I read this, and the bit about clairaudience. For the past few years, there have been a few times when I’m waking up naturally and I’ve heard somebody clearly say my name. It’s clear enough to jolt me fully awake, but there’s never anyone there. It’s clearly a man’s voice, but not my boyfriend’s, as he has a distinct London accent. I thought nothing of it. Put it down to residual dream stuff. But a few weeks ago I was working at the computer, my boyfriend was working late and the kids were asleep, and I heard it again. Really clearly, behind me. I thought the boyfriend must have got off work early and was doing silly voices, trying to scare me. But I checked and the house was empty. I swear I heard my name as clear as a bell. It freaked me out. Any expert opinions? Am I just hearing things or what?

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