The Smarked for Death Wrestling Review for WWE Raw Supershow Starring Brock Lesnar 4/30/12.


Wow that is one hell of a title isn’t it?

Last night’s PPV is recapped and tonight could go anywhere.  Anywhere with Brock, Cena, Punk, Jericho, everyone.  Its an unpredictable time.

So unpredictable in fact that Brock Lesnar ends up attacking the COO, Triple H himself.  It is nasty and a very uncomfortable thing to watch.  Brock is being built up very well.  Crazy, money hungry, egotistical.  He will face John Cena again and probably destroy him.  He and Triple H could have some good matches.  I am all for Brock tearing through WWE and letting his ego run wild until only one man can stop him.

All through the night there is a Beat the Clock challenge to determine the new number one contender.  Its a gimmick, sure, but it led to a good reason for all of these matches to be taking place.  Miz and Santino was fine, with the Miz getting a much needed win.  Chris Jericho and Big Show fail to get their match done in a faster time.  The Great Khali and Kane have the same problem.  Jericho and Show actually put on a good match.  I wont lie, I fast forwarded through Khali and Kane.  There was no way when I saw a 4 minute clock before that match did I think I had the patience to sit through four minutes of glacial wrestling.

Jack Swagger and Randy Orton gave a main event guy with nothing to do lately some story for the night.  Orton beats Miz’s time by only two seconds and spends the rest of the time hoping it will be enough.  Great way to add drama to the regular matches.  It was all for naught though, because Daniel Bryan gets the easiest task of the night.  Not to say that Jerry Lawler is a push over but at his age against a former world champion?  Yes, yes he is an easy opponent in that scenario.  The entire internet wrestling community gets wet at the prospect of seeing Daniel Bryan vs. CM Punk for the WWE title on PPV.  Match of the Year contender.

Layla vs. Brie Bella vs. Nikki Bella barely lasted long enough to turn off Layla’s music.  The Divas champ kicks one twin escort into the other and rolls up which ever one was left in the ring.  Done.  Great return for Layla.  And best of all the Bellas are now gone from WWE! Maybe some talented replacements can be hired.

Brodus Clay took on JTG and some flaws are starting to be found in the science behind the Funkasaurus.  Work the knees and all that power goes away.  Sure, its the same game plan that has been used against big guys in wrestling for decades.  But it is only now being used against Brodus Clay.  To have JTG of all people do it shows that Clay is in for a lot of trouble against any higher talent

A clip is shown of Zack Ryder and Santino Marella beating the WWE tag team champions last week, so…. this week…. its the WWE tag team champions Epico and Primo against?!  Kofi Kingston and R-Truth?  Rosa tries to distract Kofi but Kofi tosses, um, the Colon and Truth hangs him on the ropes.  Trouble in Paradise then the pin and new champs.

I thought months ago that Kofi and Truth might win the belts but they haven’t really been built up at all.  Not that Epico and Primo were ever built up in any way.  Seriously what are their characters?  Who are they?  Rosa is just the Hispanic girl that shakes her ass, but at least that’s something.  Maybe with a more fan friendly and marketable team holding the belts the WWE tag titles will get some recognition now.

Oh, Epico Primo and Rosa all argue.  They then agree to talk with AW.  If Abraham Washington is about to create a new version of a Heenan Family and bring back managers, then I welcome this!  Hopefully something good is coming from AW’s return.

John Cena and John Laurinaitis talk way too much just to set up a match between them at Over the Limit.  The talking didn’t do a damn thing but the last few minutes were great.  The swerve of Cena vs. Lord Tensai.  John Cena surrounded by three people who want to destroy him.  Then Johnny Ace runs in and drives the microphone into the back of Cena’s head, knocking him out.  All three men destroy Cena’s arm and Johnny Ace becomes the most hated man in wrestling.  There is a lot of potential to this.  Laurinaitis isn’t in John Cena’s league but this will quite literally be a battle against a one armed man.  Ace stands a chance.

An exciting night of wrestling, many stories moving forward and new ones beginning.  There is a lot going on that makes me want to tune in to Raw just to see what the hell happens next.  Its risky, but they are making some captivating TV right now.

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