Goodie Bag Saturday 5/5/12.

One of my favorite book bloggers, Grace, introduced me to Goodie Bag Saturday. This is where I tell you the books I came into this week, whether they were free or I bought them. You can see the eclectic tastes of my reading habits, or anything else I might have found that was interesting.

Nicholas Sparks is famous for his romantic stories, and with the movie coming out I knew I would have to read the book first. Usually when I get a book it is not the one I’m reading next as I typically have between one-hundred and one-hundred-fifty books to be read on my bookshelf, but I have an obsession with reading the book before I see the movie so this might go quickly.

I have an obsession with Christopher Moore, I have since the first time I read one of his novels The Stupidest Angel. It was hard to pass up this splurge from a man who has perfected hilarity.

I am behind on reading Jodi Picoult, but I can not resist one of her books when I see it.

I can’t help it. If something is popular I am usually going to try it.

As of today, this novel is free. Free! And written by a man who happened to do his writing in a Texas Prison.

Another free novel this week by someone who invited me on Goodreads to get it as he was giving it away. Free is… free!

My foreign comic obsession shows, and now that I am reaching the end of this series I am doing everything I can to rush through. 19 novels in this series of twisting plotlines. I’ve already finished book 16, hopefully 17 will join it this weekend!

That’s it this Saturday! See you next Saturday!

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