The League has Spoken: Sweet Rides!


When I conceived of last week’s topic, I was thinking in my head about what car you would want to go cruising in at the beach. Apparently, my definition of “Sweet Ride” is different than others’ but that’s all part of the fun! Check out what the League members consider to be the sweetest ride in pop culture:

  • Shawn at Branded in the 80′s picked a motorcycle, and a helicopter, and then a combination of the two.
  • Fong at Haxbee gets 2 points for actually having ridden in his “sweetest ride” (and I am GREEN with envy).
  • Chris at Tupa’s Treasures made me smile with his bird-emblazoned selections.
  • Lefty Limbo really raised some eyebrows and dropped some jaws with his top pick. I don’t know what it is, but I want one!
  • Brian at Cool & Collected likes his classic cars to have a bit of attitude.
  • Rob at Action Figure Chat likes some mean rides, and delved into the video game arena for one of his picks, which was genius!
  • Iok at That Figures selected a sweet ride that you can also use to prop open the screen door on a breezy day.
  • Ashley at Life with Fandom had some of the most eclectic selections of the week. I didn’t even think of animals as qualifying for this week’s topic!
  • Michael at Memories of Toymorrow had a great pick that just goes to show that we all interpret these weekly topics in our own way, eh.
  • Dex at AEIOU and Sometimes Why visits a galaxy far, far away for his sweet ride.
  • I figured Flywheels’ pick would be a Transformer, but which one?!?
  • Adam is The man who stares at toys, and he had some truly inspired picksfor his sweet rides. (Someone really needs to make a real-life Foot Cruiser. Get on that, internet!)
  • Jason at Jason Vorhees picked his sweet ride right out of everyone’s favorite 80′s cartoon. (And by “everyone, I mean “me.”)
  • Paxton at the Cavalcade of Awesome dug very, very deep for a couple of his rides.
  • Kevin at Team Hellions went with “Thunder, Thunder, Thunder…” oh wait, wrong cartoon. Still an awesome choice though.
  • Reis at the Lair of the Dorke Horde loves his cars, but there can only be one.

Such a great list! I wish there was a classic car show devoted to just these sweet rides. Thanks everyone!

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