Amazon Ironically Forgets the Women in Avengers.

This was the link in my email box.  Hey, you loved the Avengers now buy some Avengers related material!  Sounds good.  Here’s a screen shot of the Avengers themed Amazon front page too.

Look at that!  Read all about Captain America! Iron Man! Hulk! Thor! Hawkeye! Black Wid….where did she go?

Read all about the white male heroes of the Avengers!  Don’t worry.  Black Widow, Nick Fury, and even Maria Hill can all be seen in the larger image.  In the background.  Way way back.

Everyone coming out of the movie was in love with Black Widow.  The unpowered SHIELD agent who did not previously have her own starring movie is now a fan favorite.  Nearly a billion dollars worth of fans want a Black Widow solo movie.  Yet, hello! Widow!  Where are you!

An equal number would love to see Samuel L Jackson light up the screen in a Fury movie.  It would be an easy sell, and should happen, but there he is all the way back.  Not even in a puppet master kind of way.

Even worse, non-Avengers (well not in the movie universe that is) Spider-Man and Wolverine are featured as big, if not bigger than our aforementioned women and minority.

Remember marketing teams, the Avengers are Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.  Not Finest Caucasian Men!

(And that last sentence will damn sure result in some strange search engine terms leading to this site.)

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