Goodie Bag Saturday 5/12/12

Another week of weird tastes and the few things I found either discounted, or just could not resist!

I actually thought I already owned this! I went to move it up on my list and realized… I didn’t! For only 2.99, and being the sequel to Bill the Vampire, which I loved, I had to have this one.

This was part of the free giveaways this week. It is still free for Amazon Prime members, but otherwise is 2.99. Interesting to find a book that isn’t just a technical recount that is written by a doctor.

Almost done with the series! I’m hoping I can get 19 next week, as that is the magic number. These books are harder to find now, but worth it.

Another free one that is no longer free, unless you are an Amazon Prime member. 4.99 now for the kindle. I mostly took the free offer on this one because of the title. I could not help being curious about a book with a similar title to another certain popular trilogy.

That’s it this week! Did you find anything interesting?

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