The League XIV: Crossovers.


The Avengers was an amazing movie.  Worth paying to see it in theater multiple times and then buying the DVD or BluRay.  It also got the League and its members thinking about crossovers.  Check out this week’s question from

What pop culture heroes or stories would make for the ultimate crossover–think along the lines of Han Solo meeting up with Firefly’s Mal on a smuggling run.

I had to think, what do I love?  What would I like to see that could happen?  You see, sure I can come up with something crazy like Castle and Mal and Captain Hammer all meeting up.  But that would involve our real world, time travel to the future (and other worlds) and an alternate Earth full of super beings.  We possibly need two Earths and time travel or three alternate universes.  If I’m going to take the time and creative effort to come up with a spectacular crossover idea, then I would like something that’s within some realm of possibility.  The same Earth, the same timeline, or maybe planets that are close enough for interstellar travel.

Planets like: Thundera, Eternia, Cybertron and hell why not Earth too.

Its kind of easy to play 6 Degree of Berbils with characters like this from the height of our 1980s nostalgia.  Lets see if I can make this work:

GI Joe crossed over with Transformers in GI Joe and the Transformers #1-4 in 1987 from Marvel Comics.  The Transformers crossed over with Spider-Man during their run at Marvel.  Spider-Man met Superman who met He-Man and the Thundercats.  So with the right lawyers and a great sense of fun, these crossovers can take place.  There is precedent.  But in my research of crossovers I discovered one that is building now.

One of the go-to ideas for most of these cartoons was to have all the adventures take place on some other planet.  The Thundercats, Transformers and other cartoons already showed planet to planet travel, so it is possible to meet up with other toy lines in nearby star systems.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to see a spaceship from Thundera crash on Eternia and result in Snarf and Cringer play fighting?  I want that image on my wall now.  It couldn’t be all good though.  Each one of these toy lines had horribly evil antagonists.  Bad guys that instead of befriending other planets would enslave them.  You know, kind of like what’s happening in the background of the new Thundercats cartoon.

Yeah.  That’s Mon*Star from Silverhawks on the monitor.  And those shark humanoids are from the lesser known Tiger Sharks series on the even less known Comic Strip anthology cartoon.

And all three series were created by the same company, are still under the same house, and are oh so subtly crossing over with each other.  Its a damn shame that the new Thundercats cartoon may not last much longer, because the possibilities are huge.  Introduce two other groups of characters, with their own nostalgic fans, and the value of the franchise at least doubles.


WilyKit and Kat could be hanging out with the Cooper Kid.  Think of how you want to work the TigerSharks in here, but be warned – anything about them is very rare and very hard to come by.  No DVD collection, and the toys are not found easily nor cheap.

These properties are currently owned by Warner Bros and from there it gets very complicated.  Some things are owned by Time Warner, others by Hanna Barbera and there are 100s of franchises under these umbrellas.  In theory I could add the entire DC Universe to this prospective crossover.  Space Ghost!  Hell lets throw the Sectaurs in there for fun too.


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