New Munsters TV Show Images. OR. Horrible Paper Dolls Book: The Show!

So, this image ended up in my Twitter feed today, thanks to Tom Krohne!/monsterfink

Its a picture of concept art from the upcoming Munsters reboot, coming to network TV this fall.

I’m not sure if I can say this better than Tom did:

Hey NBC, this is not what Grandpa and Lily are supposed to look like! F%ck you!

If you were looking for a show starring Kardashian clones and the Dos Equis’ World’s Most Interesting Man, then you’re in luck.  However if you’re a Munsters fan then keep looking.

Even worse is the house.  Its a great piece of art, I’m not that snarky, but it looks just like that – art.  It does not look like an establishing shot that will need to be used over and over again on such a show.

If you want to see some good vampires, Frankenstein monsters and more go to Monsterfink’s blog.

I’ll just show you a good one as a teaser to get you to go to the site.

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