What is WWE Revolution? AND Does it Have Anything to do with NBC?



So this video has been on the WWE.com site as part of their newest viral marketing gimmick.


What is the Revolution?  Well, remember that WWE has a deal with NBC Universal, which is why Raw is on USA and Smackdown is on SyFy.  Coming this fall on NBC is a show called… Revolution.


This looks like a fucking amazing show and I cant wait to watch it.  Hopefully it ends up being a lot better than The Event.  Could WWE be partnering with NBC to promote this new TV show?  It would be very far in advance, but not that far.

However chances are its a Revolution within WWE.  Rumors are flying.  It could be the already announced NXT and FCW tapings.  Or Paul Heyman could have more going on in WWE than anyone has yet let on.

My guess is that this is the long rumored WWE Cruiserweight show.  The word REVOLUTION has an X behind it.  Coincidence, or a not too subtle message to the TNA X Division?

Only time will tell, but leave comments below and tell me what you think.

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