Who are the First X-Men? Find out at 5PM Today!

Marvel’s guru of social media, Agent M, posted the following teaser image on his Tumblr page.  The link and the image are below:



So what is it?  Well, as you can see the book comes out in August.  August will also see two new issues of the bi-weekly shipping Avengers vs X-Men crossover.

Something big will be happening from this series.  Who are the First X-Men?  There are really, only two possible answers.  Either this is an X-Men team that existed before the 1963 team.  Or the X-Men universe will be rebooted due to the actions of Scarlet Witch and/or the Phoenix Force and this team will be a modern day “first” team ignoring all previous teams (maybe because they no longer officially exist).

Rich Johnson of Bleeding Cool is interpreting some tweets sent out by Neal Adams.


Marvel will have a press conference at 5PM today (May 14) to give more details on this series.  The Neal Adams information above suggests a Wolverine: The First X-Man title.  As Wolverine is older than nearly anyone else in the X-Men franchise there is a possibility he will now be considered the first X-Man.  Although that does mess up Namor as the first mutant.  Or, maybe Wolverine led a team of mutants before Xavier ever had the idea and this will be a retconned idea to add some new “old” mutants into the universe.

Find out at 5PM EST today!

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