Comic Book Reviews from Pete’s Basement Season 5, Episode 19 – 5.15.12

We try to support our friends here on Team Hellions.  We’re not always successful or quick to link, but we try.  One of our long term friends are the guys (and sometimes girls) at Pete’s Basement.

The new episode is up, complete with special guest artist J.K. Woodward.


J.K. Woodward is back again and very excited to show them something. The boys are afraid.
In this episode: Amazing Spider-Man: Artist’s Edition,Avenging Spider-Man,Batgirl,Batman,Batman And Robin,Bobby Curnow,Captain America,Captain Kirk,Chain World,Chyna,Dave Wachter,David A. Lewis,Dr. Who,Fanboys Vs. Zombies,Frankenstein Alive Alive,Green Lantern,Happy Hour,J.K. Woodward,Night of 1000 Wolves,Scarlet Spider,Star Trek: The Next Generation,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,The Avengers Movie,The New Avengers,The Taylor Network,TMNT,Vanilla Ice!/petesbasement


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