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There are good and bad things in this trailer.  Spider-Man giving up his mask so a kid can feel strong is wonderful.  It makes sense, the kid wont give up his secret identity, and the actor gets to show off his face.  But then it negates the impact later in the trailer when Spider-Man is caught by some bad guy (not necessarily the Lizard) and unmasked.

The story also looks like a continuation and not a straight up origin movie.  Which is great.  We’ve seen Spider-Man’s origin over many formats.  We all know how it happened.   There is no need to spend half a movie building it up.  Hopefully I’m not wrong and this film doesn’t start out with awkward Peter Parker for over an hour.

It also re-introduces Gwen Stacey, and with that her family, in a way that doesn’t eliminate Mary Jane.  This is a new girlfriend, and Peter would be meeting her family for the first time.  These initial meetings also give great opportunities for natural exposition.

However some of the CGI looks a little rough and not quite believeable.  The Lizard’s claws being the most glaring of examples.  When his fingers slash through something they don’t leave a tear with depth.  It looks more like a photoshopped paint smear and less like anything with real world physics.  Yes, I just said “real world physics” to describe a comic book movie.  Just roll with it and learn the lessons from lackluster special effects in X-Men Origins Wolverine.  Remember when the print was released online months in advance and everyone said “the effects aren’t complete yet”.  Well the finished effects weren’t that much better.  If I’m going to spend the extra money for 3D I want to believe every single punch and every claw.

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