Avengers vs X-Men #3 Review.

From half of Marvel Comics, JR JR and Marvel Comics.

I’ll predict right now, the finale of this book will feature the revelation that Captain America and Cyclops were being mind controlled.  Something (maybe the Phoenix Force, maybe something else) was forcing them to fight and their teams followed the leaders.  Some of the stronger characters, who are also team leaders, are questioning the actions.  Iron Man, Magneto, Wolverine all feel that something isn’t right.  Shadiness is afoot.

I really love this cover. No other reason to show it but that.

If I’m right, then it will lead to a discussion about blindly following team leaders and a new age of questioning within the Marvel teams.

But if I’m wrong then all any of this means is that super HEROES don’t want to talk they want to fight first and settle it later.  As cool as the fight between Captain America and Wolverine is (and its a great fucking fight) there is no need for it to happen.  Especially not as fast as it does.

Wolverine: “Cap, I disagree with what’s going on and I would like to discuss this.”

Captain America: “Fuck you ya dumb Canuck!  Taste my mighty shield!”

None of it is very heroic.  Cyclops is a shady guy, and getting closer to eclipsing Magneto in the evil mutant list every day.  The only way to excuse Cap’s actions is to assume he learned a dangerous lesson from Iron Man during Civil War.  That lesson being, take out anyone who questions you before they come after you.

Including the Avengers dumping Logan in the Arctic.  Must have gotten that idea from Gambit.  “Cap, mon ami, let me tell you what zee X-Men do to me.”

Hope learns some tech tricks from Cable and now both teams are travelling to five corners of Marvel’s Earth to find her.  Its classic GI Joe cartoon story telling.  Give both sides a win in the smaller battles and then the last one, the tie breaker, becomes that much more important.  Plus an easy way to focus on one group per episode/issue and thus not feel overwhelmed by the huge cast.

Ignoring the fact that there is no logical reason for these fights to take place.  Seriously, one work lunch and this could all be sorted out, the fights have been fun.  Wolverine and Captain America had a damn good battle.  Both sides are being shady as hell.  And there is no way we know everyone’s agenda yet.

Just because I may disagree with WWE booking a feud that doesn’t mean that the two guys cant put on one hell of a match.  Its not Logan’s or Cap’s fault that this story doesn’t work.  They can still put on one hell of a show, and they do.

Verdict:  the fights are great, the story is not.

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