AVX VS #2 Review.

Spider-Man vs. Juggernaut Colossus from Kieron Gillen and Salvador Larroca.

Captain America vs Gambit from Steve McNiven and John Dell.

Again, the first page is telling us that this isn’t about plots or continuity or characters, its about fighting.  Even the UFC has characters!  There are feuds!

Cap and Gambit are up first.  The A on his mask stands for mon Ami.  N’est-ce pas?

Fuck! and YES!  THIS is the new iconic Captain America.  Bad ass, cocky, and never once down.  He gets blown up, punched, costume torn, body bruised and yet never stops being in control.  Strong no matter what adversity nor challenge is thrown (literally) his way.  Gambit’s powers are used well.  Cap gets to show off his speed.  Every thing that Gambit does fools the reader into thinking, well maybe he can defeat Cap.  Then at the end, when Steve Rogers stands decidedly triumphant, the fans can finally breathe.  Of course Captain America won this battle.  He had to.  But what an intense time getting there.

Best fight and best part of AVX so far.

Lets see what Spider-Man and Jugger-Pitor can do.

Wow.  The only, THE ONLY!, hero who could possibly show strength and courage more than Captain America just did pages earlier… is Spider-Man.

Spidey has great witty banter, he never gives up, even the AVX facts were amusing.  Colossus is terrifying.  Hero or not (and he has been on both sides) there is not a single doubt in anyone’s mind that Pitor wont hesitate for a moment to kill Spider-Man.  Or anyone else.  Giving him the Juggernaut powers may have created the scariest mutant in all of Marvel.  Who could stand up to him?

A man who will stand up to anyone, up until his death, because dammit that’s what heroes do.  If a scene like this was in the final act of the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man movie then that film would beat the Avengers.  Film goers would erupt in passion and excitement.  Yes!  Yes Spider-Man we will fight, we will stand tall despite any and all odds.

After a day of negativity for the Avengers vs X-Men crossover this issue is not only the best of the blockbuster so far, its in contention for best of the year.  Amazing use of both Cap and Spidey.


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