Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodríguez’s Locke & Key Clockworks #6 Review

From IDW Comics, Joe Hill, Gabriel Rodríguez, Jay Fotos, Robbie Robins, & Chris Ryall.

From the onset, the Clockworks story arc is something that really shouldn’t work, at all. Hell, Locke & Key shouldn’t work in its own right, but thanks to brilliant writing and mind blowing art, it’s one of the best ongoing comic series on the market today. Horror is hardest to sell, and over the years if Joe Hill has brought anything, it’s heart and detail to the genre. That may sound silly, but if you don’t have those two elements, you’ve got tropes and stereotypes that don’t work. Thankfully, it’s finite as well, in a place where comics can sometimes over stay their welcome that’s important, especially with horror.

The Clockworks arc has been that flux capacitor that wasn’t necessarily needed, but fan’s can’t live without. This arc alone has gone back to colonial times and the forging of the Omega key, seen a father go to great lengths to help his son and his terrible condition, as well as Rendell Locke’s biggest blunder: using that damn Omega key. In the genius of the creators, they’ve still managed to make a back story endearing and must own, as Stephen King did with Wizard and Glass, which spurned the  Gunslinger comics to publication. In a way this is that Wizard and Glass moment; we see where and how we got here, we also want to learn more about the world around us.

Issue #6 wraps up a lot in such a short issue, but it never feels over the top or over bloated. Everything just falls into place in its own time and locale, never rushed, just perfect. Dodge’s demise really isn’t what you come for, it’s those tiny details that get your noodle running, like what happens to Cho, how Erin ended up in that home, and many other details that I could easily spoil for you, but I won’t. Even Duncan’s short moment in the book, changes up everything for Dodge, and must I say it, as a chick, Dodge is pretty fracking hot!

Most striking, in the pages of this comic, may be the fact that these pages may contain the secret to destroy Dodge. Only thing is, given that the new Dodge is Bode, could they bring themselves to do the right thing? That’s not going to be so easy and may lead to some unlikely roads. However with stunning art, brilliant writing, and a team that has created a comic worthy of the likes of WatchmenV for Vendetta, The Dark Knight Returns, and various others;  you’ll cry when it’s over, relive it’s beauty again and again, and get your hands on whatever these guys come out with next.

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