Former WWE Diva Chyna Rushed to the Hospital.


Former WWE Diva and current Vivid porn superstar Chyna has been rushed to the hospital.

Chyna was scheduled to be one of the main guests at the 2012 Exxxotica Expo on Friday.  She was found “slumped over” and “passed out” in a backstage area of the Miami Beach Convention Center.  Someone found her backstage at around 4PM local time.  Word started to come out about three hours later.

TMZ is reporting that Chyna was checked out by paramedics but not taken to the hospital.

Her appearances at Exxxotica and at the nearby XBiz Summit have been cancelled.

There are reports online that she has died.  Do not believe these reports (yet).  The accounts that are reporting her death are the same ones who reported that Sabu was dead.  Which he is not (he’s fucked up, but not dead).

Remember, in this age, do not trust what is online until you see it from a major and reputable site.




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