The League XV: Confessions.


Oh this one will be tough.  Brian is asking for a lot this week.  What do the League of Extraordinary Bloggers have before them this week?

What is something you absolutely hate or love or just don’t get, or maybe it’s something you have never even seen or read. What is your deepest, darkest geek confession? 

There are LOADS of things I need to confess.  My secret shames are only matched by my solo passions (wait, that didn’t come out right at all).  Speaking of solo though, none of these confessions mattered until I started dating someone who is also a geek.  Yes, yes, hate me all you want.  I went to college, was in an English program surrounded by other freaks and geeks who liked nerdy shit and were picked on a lot before college.  One of them happened to be really cute and years later, here we are.  When I moved in we had to go through our collections and get rid of any doubles.  Books, DVDs, CDs.  While packing up I discovered lots of doubles at times even triples.  What shocked her during this process was not only what I didn’t have, but what I had and had not yet opened.  I’m turning to the side and asking her my most glaring omissions.

I still have not made my way through the Joss Whedon canon.  Only in the last year have I made my way through Buffy and Angel.  I still haven’t watched all of Firefly nor Dollhouse.  Which is a little sad.  Hundreds of episodes of vampire love are down, but I cant get through – what? – 14 Browncoat adventures and a little over two dozen episodes featuring Eliza Dushku in various outfits?  At this point I’m not just failing to be a geek, I’m failing to be a man.

I’ve knocked out Battlestar Galactica and Caprica finally.  But Farscape, Dark Angel, Smallville and many more still elude me.  The worst part of all this is that between our vast DVD collection and Netflix all of these shows are in the house.  I could reach my arm out and either with the press of a button or the insertion of a disc watch any of these at any time.  And yet I still haven’t gotten around to them.  Its the geek curse.  We want to own everything.  There is the desire to fill collections, to accumulate, to have something because fuck you that means I’m better than you!  No where in any of that though is the requirement of actually watching, reading, playing with or in any way enjoying this purchase.  By no means assume this is only a TV thing.  The movies that I own but have yet to sit down and watch include Wizards, Blade Runner, The Spirit, Evil Dead, Fifth Element, and I’m just getting embarrassed.

This continues onto books.  I’ve yet to read Dune, Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia and this list will grow even more.

Both of these faults can be explained by habits I picked up when I was younger.  There was only one TV in the house for the majority of my childhood.  In fact I don’t think I had my own cable box until I was 21.  In the meantime it was all comic books and wrestling tape trading.  The details of such can wait for another post.  But in short, I would buy and read all comics I could get my hands on.  If I was watching TV it would be tapes of old wrestling shows within my circle.  Or ordering through the wrestling magazines.  There are still two larger boxes full of VHS tapes in my personal library.  Its tough to sit down and read about Frodo when I’m focused on making my way though the entire run of West Coast Avengers.

Not to say that I’m perfect with either of these.  I have huge gaps in my knowledge of NWA and WCW.  That WCW Clash of the Champions DVD set coming out on Tuesday is looking pretty good.  Also, due to only having shitty comic book stores while growing up I missed out on the intellectual comics like Swamp Thing, Sandman and Doom Patrol.  I still have to get through those runs.

Also… I cant do video games.  We have a very expensive PS3 at home that was a Christmas gift.  Maybe 20 games are on the shelf and I think 3 are taken out on a regular basis.  Active (for working out on the PSMove stuff), Rock Band and Zumba Fitness (also a Move game).  Thanks to Netflix and Hulu the PS3 has become a very expensive streaming device.  The aforementioned lady love uses it as her workout machine pretty much, and for that it works.  But for me, I tried playing Red Dead Redemption and shit just moved too fast for me.  Too many buttons!!!  I have the idea of recording my own version of Angry Video Game Nerd called the Noob.  I didn’t grow up with a game system and it shows.  Watching me play video games is like watching the oldest least technically inclined person you know play.

But that PS3 has something gorgeous in it.  Its a BluRay player too, and that leads me to the final point.  The thing I love and screw you for judging me I’ll still love it.

I love the Speed Racer movie.

Its just so amazing!  Fast, gorgeous colors, and incredibly detailed on Blu Ray.   It was one of the first things I ever saw on both an HDTV and a BR player.  Whatever I saw before didn’t catch me.  I didn’t see a reason to upgrade my electronics for these high def things.  “I can wait” I thought.  Then I watched Speed Racer.  I could see spider webs!  When Pops goes into the garage there are spider webs!  There is no reason to have these.  On a regular TV, a normal DVD, or worse – on standard cable – there is no way anyone would notice them.  Its too fine a detail to show up.  And yet there they are.  And that’s when I noticed how gorgeous all of this looks.  I wasn’t even at home, just hanging out at a friend’s house, and I rewatched the whole movie.  Everything is so pretty.  Its overdone, too bright, too fast, and I love every moment of it.  My eyes hurt while watching, but in that good way.  The entire film is visual sugar.  Its like your eyes just ate too much cotton candy.  Hate it all you want, but I will watch this movie any day.  I don’t care how it did at the box office.  Throw this movie on during a party just for pure fun.  (See also, Scott Pilgrim.)

Judge me all you want.  I get a lot done too.  In the last week 50 articles have gone up on the site.  Plus I have the paying job too.  Plus planning a wedding, working out, and consuming all the culture I don’t write about.  I changed my mind, don’t judge me!  I’m working hard!

But I really should make some time to watch Blade Runner and read Sandman.


  1. I knew there had to be someone else out there that enjoyed Speed Racer! I was lucky enough to see it in IMAX and I’m glad I did.

  2. You LIke Speed Racer!!! I never even tried to watch it (something about the previews were offensive to me lol oh…also, the internet told me not to watch it so it wasn’t like I could have disobeyed them or anything! I also have a habbit of owning things that I don’t read, watch or play…what’s with this shopping/ownership compulsion? This was a great read, my friend and LOL! at “Solo Passions”

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