The WWE Over the Limit Odds! What the WWE Universe is Saying!

For the full list of predictors and the reasons behind their decisions head over to the official Solace Winter blog.  There are 62 members of the WWE Universe predicting the matches for tonight’s pay per view, Over the Limit.

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WWE needs to do something surprising and shocking tonight.  Most of the matches have clear cut winners, at least according to these 62 members of the WWE Universe.

Lets see what the fans have to say:

49 out of 62 pick Kane over Zack Ryder. That’s 79% of fans.

80%, that’s 50 out of 62 pick CM Punk over Daniel Bryan.  Yes Yes Yes?  More like No No No.

2/3, 66% of you, 41 pick Sheamus to win the Fatal Four Way.  9 pick Alberto Del Rio, 7 pick Randy Orton and 5 pick Chris Jericho.

22 think Jericho will be pinned in the match, 35%.  20 pick Del Rio.  13 say Orton and 6 say Sheamus (there is one abstaining).

An overwhelming 88%.  55 out of 62 pick Layla.  6 say Beth and 1 says No contest.

50 pick R-Truth and Kofi Kingston to win.  80%

54%, 34 fans pick Kofi to get the pin, 15 say Truth, 10 for Dolph and only 2 for Swagger.

38 think Swagger will be the one to get pinned, a 61% majority..  11 say Ziggler, 10 for R-Truth and only 2 pick Kofi.

50 predict Johnny Ace, 2 no contest and only 10 pick John Cena to win.  80% of fans predicting Laurinaitis.


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