The First Video of BATGIRL: Spoiled!

Batgirl comes into her own in the new webseries Batgirl: Spoiled.

Stephanie Brown has been a vigilante since childhood, eventually becoming the third Batgirl. Facing a crisis, she demands answers from the city where nothing is that simple.

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Batgirl: Spoiled is in no way affiliated with DC Comics or Warner Bros.
Batgirl: Spoiled is a not-for-profit fan webseries and is not intended for sales of any sort.


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Or, you know what, how about I just re run it for you all too.  Good stuff here.

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Brought to you by Sax Carr, Marisha Ray, Zack West and Damian Beurer.  Starring Marisha Ray.  Directed by Damian Beurer.

Batgirl: Spoiled is a webseries following the 3rd Batgirl on her journey to understand her place in Gotham.


Stephanie Brown has never lead a charmed life. But as a part of Gotham’s famed ‘Bat Family’, she has thwarted themed evil-doers and become extremely skilled in her trade. Her world now is one of adrenaline and danger, duty and honor. She has been striving her whole life to get here, but is this really what she wants?

After a close call leading to a falling out with Batman and Oracle, Batgirl goes out on her own to reexamine her place in the Gotham and the world at large. Stephanie spends her days seeking out advice from Gotham’s various heros, and her nights patrolling the streets in a seemingly endless battle against crime.  All this while attending college, having a social life, and finding time to sleep.

“Batgirl: Spoiled” is not associated with DC Comics or Warner Bros.  ”Batgirl: Spoiled” is a non-profit web series for private use only and not intended for sales of any sort.

For more information on Batgirl (Stephanie Brown) please buy any of the amazing work by Bryan Q. Miller available in collected edition at your local comics retailer.

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And now for amazing pictures from the set!  Tune in for more updates on Batgirl: Spoiled


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