Marvel’s Announcement on The View… and What’s Missing.

Great!  Marvel Comics got less than 60 seconds on a major network TV show to announce this non-event event book.  Fans already knew, but how did this help out any new fans?  If at all.

It didn’t.

No where in this incredibly short segment were any details mentioned.  Just off the top of my head, the following things weren’t mentioned.

Who Northstar is.

Who the X-Men are.

Who the creative team is for this issue.

How much it costs.

But most of all….

Where to BUY IT!!!!

Borders is closed.  Barnes and Noble get their single issue comics on the stands two weeks after they come out at comic book shops.  Which means the announcement of “out now!” would mean “out in two weeks”.  Unless you are aware there are comic book shops, and know where to find them.  Or even things like ComiXology.

Again, as I said in my review of the comic….

… I am thrilled that this comic exists.  Great moment for diversity and equality.  But its execution is failing.

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