The League XVI: Social Media.


Damn if I haven’t been working this one over in my head all week.  Here’s the original assignment:

Take a peek at a fictional character’s social media account. What would his or her Twitter feed or Facebook page look like?


After seeing so many League members show off their talents with mock up Twitter and Facebook pages I strongly debated on skipping this week.  I’m could teach myself how to do it, but it was just such a busy week that didn’t happen.  Nor was there that one character who I felt deserved their own page and yet didn’t have one already.  (Seriously, how damn funny is Drunk Hulk on Twitter?!)

But, while organizing my comics this weekend (and being no where near done with that project) I found a forgotten comic and also found my answer.

Damage Control.

Sure they started out as a joke.  Sure the Damage that they Control is mostly physical damage.  And sure, as the world’s only Speedball-ologist I own these comics because the one and only Robbie Baldwin is inside of many of them.  So I feel that this property is a perfect answer for this week’s League question.

It would look like all other Twitter and Facebook pages.  If these two social media juggernauts (pun intended) exist in the Marvel Universe, then heroes, villains, sidekicks, assistants, and any other creature that exists would have their own page.  With every status update or Instagram picture the likelihood raises higher and higher that one of these posts will backfire.  A group of people will be insulted, a drunken picture will be uploaded, a relationship break up will become far too public.  If you’re Tony Stark, Peter Parker, Doctor Doom or even Aunt May — chances are you have at least a Facebook page and you have posted something on there that you regret.

The TMZ and Perez Hiltons of the Marvel Universe will pounce on these mistakes.  A great PR team will need to be hired to fix everything.  That PR team is Damage Control.

Yes, a Damage Control for your worst 140 characters.

They can make sure our Friendly Neighborhood friend doesn’t confuse his @Peter_Parker and @Spider-Man accounts.  Damage Control will issue Johnny Storm a cease and desist later to stop tagging Doctor Doom in pictures of prunes on Facebook.  And who do you think created Matt Murdock’s “I’m not Daredevil” shirt?


  1. Nice take on the theme! you set yourself apart from the pack with this one and it’s hilarious as well! I could have really used this team’s help on many occasions…so many relationships ruined!!

    • I feel this team’s best work is when they created a sarcasm font. Saved many a joke and a relationship.

      Also, always glad when a blogger I enjoy and respect likes my work. Thank you sir.

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