Been Meaning To Book/Movie Club Month 1: June 2012.


Its the first month of the “Been Meaning To” book and movie club.  Here’s the deal for those of you joining late.  On the first of every month (or a couple days before to possibly give some of you a head start) one book and one movie will be selected.  The point of each selection is to get fellow bloggers, geeks, writers, tweeters and more a good excuse to finally watch those movies and read those books you’ve always meant to.  Or if you have read/watched them its the perfect opportunity to revisit them.

While we may one day go to newer books and movies, the initial point is to remove the shame.  That look of disgust when your fellow nerds find out you have never read or watched that.  Then you scream out, but I’ve Been Meaning To!

It helps if the movies are on streaming or at least cheap and easy to own.  Same with the books.  No fair making anyone spend lots of money on this.  Unless you’re paying for it all.  And if you are, thank you.  Thank you very much.

All of this is inspired by the shame many of us felt while answering one week’s question from the League of Extraordinary Bloggers.

All of that being said, lets reveal the titles!

The book:

Fahrenheit 451.

On damn near every high school reading list, and yet somehow I have missed out on it my entire life.  Such an important novel – to literature, to sci-fi, to those of us who love to read and write.  Plus, its not that long a book either.  No doubt we can all knock it out within a month.

The movie:

Enter the Dragon.

I’ll admit, I started going down the ‘dragon” path when there were complaints that there were no dragon titles in the list of potentials.  The movie that launched both Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris.  Not just a martial arts movie, but a revelation.  A revelation of a man who would change movies, martial arts and philosophy.  Also, a movie I have never sat through.  I must adapt.  I must change this.  I must be like water.

Those are the titles!  Leave comments below, sign up!

This is going to be more than just a review.  Lots of comments, sharing, and debate back and forth.  Lets have a lot of fun with it!


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