Les Miserables Trailer

While most of you in the Hellions Universe anticipate movies this year you are probably eagerly awaiting the new “Spider-Man” , “Batman” or eagerly counting down the days for the DVD release of “The Hunger Games” and “Avengers”, I am about to die of complete and total Broadway nerd ecstasy with the newly released trailer for “Les Miserables”.

Trailer here:


The movie looks superb, if this minute and a half clip is any indication.  Hugh Jackman may just be my hero actor of all time.  He can play Wolverine, win Tony Awards in “The Boy from Oz” and be Jean Val Jean, all to perfection.  Anne Hathaway (singing “I Dreamed a Dream” during the trailer) and her voice are already giving me chills.  The woman playing Eponine (my favorite character) played her on Broadway.  I can’t wait for Helena Bonham Carter and Sasha Cohen to belt out “Master of the House”, and I am eager to see who is playing Enjorlas.  The only thing I am not thrilled about is Cosette and Marius, mostly because the characters themselves annoy me, so it has nothing to do with the actors.  Russell Crowe needs to KILL IT as Inspector Javert and fellow musical lovers have assured me that he’s got a state singing background, cause if he screws up “Stars” hell hath no fury like Broadway-lovers scorned by characters poorly adapted for movie–I’m looking at you, Gerard Butler (Phantom of the Opera).

And just in case you are wondering….YES, I know all the words to this musical and semi-regularly hold car concerts on long commutes.

I DARE YOU not to get chills as Philip Quast (playing Javert) sings “Stars”, in my humble opinion one of the best songs ever written!

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