The Incredible Hulk #8 Review. Stay Angry Part 1.

From Marvel Comics, Jason Aaron, Steve Dillon.

Its the beginning of the Stay Angry story line.  I bought the first couple issues of this newest Hulk series and then drifted off.  Not that I didn’t still love it, but I didn’t feel as excited to buy it in single issues.  Thus is the downside of graphic novels.  However, look at Stay Angry part one.  The Hulk needs to stay angry no matter what so he doesn’t turn into Banner.  Aaron is writing, and his mind goes places your mind cant handle.  Dillon on art and no one rocks the Punisher like Dillon.  Also, this being a Marvel book, Dillon is a master of drawing just enough to get the fucked up idea across but still passing Marvel editors.

So does the Hulk stay angry?

Oh and fuck yes he does.

Hulk wakes up and has to piece things together.  Punisher just happens to be in the same area too.  Together they take down the Pitbull and a group of man dogs (or dog men?).  It could be an easy team up book, and also forgettable.  But two things happen here.  One, Hulk has to stay angry and thus numerous acts of violence take place to keep him enraged.  Two, its Aaron and Dillon.  These two artists show how to do violence right.  The scenes make sense within the story, the off panel violence is more violent than what is shown, the readers mind goes to dark places.  It really is an amazing feat.

Whether getting shot in the face, dragged behind a truck, or – my favorite – shot with a mother fucking heroin gun!!!! the Hulk takes it all like a champ.

It shouldn’t be so rare to see a comic that contains so much bad ass.  Punisher looks amazing.  Hulk is amazing.  Even the bad guys (are they brand new or have they been around awhile and I’m just unfamiliar?) are amazing.

Its Grindhouse, Drive, horror and super heroes.  Its a Chuck Norris fist dick of a comic.

One comment

  1. Agrees with everything you say. I love the Humor and violence.Finally a Hulk book for a mature audience.

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