What Are You Reading Wednesday 5/30/12

Welcome back to another edition of discussions about our favorite novels, or at least the ones we are reading right now.

I’m 85% through this and I’m hoping by the time most of you read this I will have finished it. I’m addicted to Gualtieri’s writing and for and “indy” author he takes every story in stride. Despite the title this book is a hilarious comedy full of the best in nerdish/geekish references. It’s the sequel to Bill the Vampire, which I recommend as well.

My nightly book makes its return! I’m now 30% through and enjoying it. If I wasn’t obsessed with Gualtieri at the moment I would just read this one, but instead it remains my nightly novel. Someone asked me if it was like Go Ask Alice, and yes, yes it is. Though published about the same time (or at least the same year, I wouldn’t know which one was published first) they have a lot of striking similarities while this one, so far, refrains from being as dark.

I haven’t started it yet, but as seems to be my Wednesday thing, I should be starting it today and finishing it today, right after I finish Scary, Dead, Things.

Well that is my list this week! I want to know, what are you reading this particular Wednesday? Are you enjoying it? Is it horrible?

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