The Smarked for Death Wrestling Review for WWE NXT 5/30/12.

Yes, I understand you may be surprised to see my name as the author of this article.  We here at Team Hellions are proud to present the Number One weekly NXT write up – Solace Winter’s Top 4.  Its so good in fact, that it made me want to watch more.  With a bit of free time today, I sat down to watch this week’s NXT.


Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins vs. The Usos.

A good match but very strange psychology.  The Usos worked over Hawkins for most of the match.  That’s heel work to build up to the hot tag.  Even the fans were clapping for Curt to come back.  However, just look at the entrance video and the gear.  Reks and Hawkins are clearly part of “People Power” and thus heels.  They should have been dominating the match to build for a hot tag.  Which leads me to think that maybe the Usos would be better off as heels.  I don’t want to say “twin magic” but there it is.  Also, the Usos are twins thus there isn’t one who is clearly bigger to give the hot tag to.  Tyler Reks is bigger than Hawkins.  Not by much, but there is some difference in body.  Its a fine match if the heel and face roles are reversed.  However, keeping everyone on the side they currently reside within WWE story lines its a strange bout.

Kaitlyn vs. Tamina Snuka.

Maxine joins for commentary.

Again with the confusion.  The only clear heel out here is Maxine.  Which is a fact that would have been lost on the live crowd.  Both women worked their asses off here and true wrestling fans appreciate it.  Was it a match of the year?  No.  However both women are clearly improving each and every match.  Also, they were given a ton of time.  Well a ton of time for TV and a Divas match.  Anything less than one minute is a lot of time in such a situation.

Regal was definitely coaching Maxine on commentary, but she does have potential.  As the match went on her innate heel-ness (not a word, I know) came out.  Its as if she still doesn’t trust herself.  Whether William Regal put her at ease or if she calmed down once she got going I’m not sure.  Either way, by the end of this segment I was sold on Maxine.

Justin Gabriel, Percy Watson and Derrick Bateman vs. Johnny Curtis, Michael McGillicutty and JTG.

Well this one is clearly my fault.  As I’m not following NXT on a regular basis I was unsure of everyone’s character and motivation.  Although I have to say, JTG looks great in his new gear.  Hopefully it takes him somewhere.  Talk about a guy that would be a star of a cruiserweight division.

Good match though.  By putting all three “rookies” in a little used six man match it tests them.  There is just that much more going on.  Also, its one thing to be the only guy outside the ropes cheering your partner on.  But when there are two guys out there, you must do something different.  Its wrestling improv.  All six men did a great job.

One thing to Josh though.  Percy damn sure did not hit a dropkick and land on his feet.  He got up a heel kick and came back down.  And even that’s stretching what happened.  Nice try to cover it up though.

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