Top 4 AOTS Kevin Pereira Moments.


Today, Thursday the 31st of May in the year 2012 is the last day that K-Per will host an episode of Attack of the Show.

Grab your tissues.

Since 2002 he has worked for G4.  Since 2005 he has entertained us every weekday for well over 1000 episodes of television.  He has made us laugh, made our jaws drop, and made us think.  Team Hellions has long been fans of everyone on G4 and AOTS and we are sad to see Kevin leave, but excited to see what will happen next!

It is with great joy, and maybe even a tear coming out of the corner of the eye, that we say goodbye and celebrate four of our favorite moments starring Kevin Pereira.

Honorable Mention:

Red Ring of Death.

When this video debuted we were all fooled for just long enough.  Sure, that looks like Kevin, but it also sounds like a really great song.  If there can be Nerdcore, why not Nerd Metal?  The catchiest piece of music ever done for Attack of the Show.

4.  Fat Suits.

Way back in May of 2008 Kevin and then host Olivia Munn put on fat suits for an entire episode.  They made fat jokes, did fat stunts, and had a good ole’ fat time.  And then got in a lot of shit for it.  So much so that (and by all means correct me if I’m wrong) the footage has only aired once since that time.  Sure its offensive as hell.  A network that caters to techies and geeks most likely has a ton of fat viewers.  Well, all of TV probably has a lot of fat viewers.  Of course they were going to be offended.  However, it was still funny as hell and holds up to this day.

3.  Kevin Hides the Marble.

In October 2011 AOTS pulled off one of their biggest ratings grabbers of all time.  Hosts Candace Bailey and Sara Underwood, both of whom have HUGE fan bases were put into a skit.  The skit is thus:  Both women need to wrestle around in a tub of oatmeal and find a marble.  It could have ended very quickly.  It could have been a huge television disappointment.  But not while Kevin is there.  Kevin must have thought, “so this will keep going until they find a marble?  Hmmm…. what if there is no marble?”  Thus he took the marble out of the tub and television history was made.  Brilliant work sir.  Brilliant.

2.  Hot Sauce Mega Dare.

In May of 2009 Kevin and Olivia had a Mega Dare.  But not just any dare would be enough for these two combatants.  No, it had to be taken up a scale.  The Scoville scale.  Kevin and Olivia take shot after shot of hot sauce.  Kevin wins (doesn’t he always?) with one extra shot for a score of 11-10.  It was memorable when it aired, and it was memorable just a few short hours later when the two were tweeting their Cholula dumps.

@kpereira it’s so bad. thank god i have my new microsoft thinkpad to keep me entertained.. omg! i just heard you scream from the downstairs!

@oliviamunn Out of baby wipes. Also, you’re going to want to pickup a new bath mat and shower curtain tomorrow. Sorry.


1.  Kevin Reports on the BP Oil Spill.

Yeah.  Time to get serious.  AOTS was off for a week.  Most people do nothing while on vacation.  Kevin took a camera and a HUGE set of balls and went to the site of the BP oil spill.  He called people out on bullshit.  He helped.  He brought attention of an issue to a wider audience.  He made a fucking difference.  Not to make money.  Not because he was told to go.  No.  He saw a problem, he saw a story that had to be told, and he went out to make a difference.

Yes, we all know and love Kevin for his crazy antics.  But these reports (along with other serious topics he has addressed over the years) show us that no matter where K-Per goes next he will succeed.

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